2017 Bastrop Area Chapter Officers

2017 Bastrop Area Chapter Information

Welcome to the Bastrop Area Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.


Our chapter Meetings are held on the _nd ___day of every month at _:_0 p.m.


Bastrop Area Chapter Meetings are held at ​at _____ located at: _______, LA (ZipCode?)



You can find us

on Facebook here:


    Jacque Lindsey  
Membership Coordinator

Tommy Breedlove 

Brick Lindsey

Courtney Boynton Secretary

Greg Solomon Treasurer/Delegate

Carl "Dopey" Vedis Sergeant At Arms

Officers' Names and Titles (from Left to Right in Group Photo) will go here

2017 Bastrop Area Chapter Officers

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Vice President: Name  email

Secretary: Name     email

Delegate at Large: Name   email

Secretary/Co-Delegate: Name     email

Sergeant At Arms: Name   email

Membership Coordinator: Name    email

Chaplain/Advocate:  Name   email

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