A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.

PO Box 541 St. Amant, Louisiana 70774

Meeting Information

All State Board meetings are held at the AMVets Post 7 in Alexandria

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 3409 England Dr. Alexandria, LA 71303

2017 State Board Meeting Schedule: November 4th, 2017

Last Meeting Minutes

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.

Minutes of State Board Meeting

September 16, 2017


I. Meeting Called to Order

A. At 11:00 a.m.

B. Prayer led by Clint Furgason

C. Pledge of Allegiance led by Rick Lindsey

D. Recognized Seargeant At Arms – Carl Vedis

E. Chapters and their two voting delegates: (The dissolution of the Sabine Chapter was announced and recognition of Larry Alford and members for their work)

1. Bastrop Area:  Don Shivers and Diane Vernon

2. Bossier Parish:  Larry Watson and Harry Cobb

3. GNO:  Dennis Melancon and Claire Wilson

4. Lake Bistineau:  Ron Hudson and David Abshire

5. Morehouse Parish:  Jennifer Jones and Danny Barmore

6. Natchitoches Parish:  Greg Shone and Gale Sheets

7. North Central:  Absent

8. Northeast:  Marc Jolly and Deborah McIntosh

9. Northwest:  Clint Furgason and Sid Grice

10. Rapides Parish:  Lori Splawn and Lynn Stoneman

11. St. Landry Parish:  Absent

12. St. Mary Parish:  Absent

13. St. Tammany Parish:  Toni Jamboio and Steve Howardell

14. Tangipahoa Parish:  Johnny Knight and Saber Holland

15. Teche Area:  Ed Oubre Jr. and Debra Oubre

16. Union Parish:  Donnie Brown and James White

17. Washington Parish:  Joe McDaniel and Jeremy Jenkins

18. Webster Parish:  Absent

F. Additions to Agenda:  Nominations were opened for State President and State Secretary.  Motion made and then withdrawn to maintain current officers by acclamation. Nominations for State President were made as follows:

1. Rick Lindsey

2. Donnie Brown

Vote to be held at the November State Board meeting.

Nominations for State Secretary were made as follows:

1. Gale Sheets

Diane Vernon made a motion to close nominations and declare Gale as the new State Secretary to begin in January 2018.  Joe McDaniel seconded the motion. Motion carried.

G.  President’s Opening Statement – Rick Lindsey welcomed everyone and thanked the AmVets and recognized Marion Polk for his appointment as the AmVets National Commander.

H. Vice Presidents Opening Statement – Bob Walton recognized that we had some chapters not represented at today’s meeting and thanked those present for their continued work.  He told the membership that the group has a lot of work ahead and to stay focused.


II. Reports

A. Reading of the minutes.  The minutes were distributed to the membership.  Steve Howardell made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Joe McDaniel seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

B. Treasurer’s Report.  Report was presented by Jacque Lindsey.  Motion made by Steve Howardell to accept the report as presented.  Motion seconded by Sid Grice. Motion carried.

C. State Store Report.  Stacey Conly reported the checking account balance to the membership and showed the group the new personalized by chapter shirts available for $15 each.

D. Membership Report.  Barabara Sikes reported that we have a membership of 1337.  Rick Lindsey stressed the importance of membership paperwork being done in a timely manner.

E. Webmaster Report.  We still have four chapters that have not completed the information needed for the web pages.  These chapters were reminded to get their needed information in quickly. We can now sign up members online.

F. Legislative Report.  Donnie Brown spoke about two bills being introduced to eliminate motorcyclist profiling on a national level.  Steve Howardell spoke about the upcoming state election on October 14 for State Treasurer and constitutional amendments dealing with gas taxes.  He also spoke about RS 3253 that deals with where the license plates can be placed on a motorcycle and trailer.

G. Public Relations Report.  Dennis Melancon told the membership that he was in the process of getting radio interview time.

H. Share the Road Program Report. Clint Furgason reported that he had been unable to have an instructor’s class and if anyone would be interested in having one after the State Board meeting in January to call him.

I. Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Report.  Donnie Brown related to the membership of an article in the May issue of the MRF Reports Magazine in which it was reported that Louisiana ranked high in participation to Call To Actions put forth by the MRF.  He spoke about several resolutions and bills impacting motorcyclists and the need for the MRF membership to be increased. Cecil Crawford spoke about laws concerning autonomous vehicles which could possibly impact motorcyclists and the concern of how an autonomous vehicle would recognize a motorcycle on the road.

J. NCOM Report.  Rick Lindsey reported that he had learned nothing new about our NCOM representative at this time.

K. COC Report. Donnie Brown attended the COC meeting as our representative for this meeting.  He reported a good meeting with the next one to be held September 24, 2017.

L. Advocacy Report. Glen McGovern was absent but Rick Lindsey recognized him for his interview with Channel 4 news in New Orleans about motorcycle accidents.  Rick talked about the number of accidents happening lately and encouraged members to report accidents on our web site.

M. Growth Coordinator Report.  Bob Walton spoke to members about membership retention and the responsibility of all Chapter Presidents to work on their memberships.

N. State Rally Report.  Bob Walton spoke for the committee and reported they still needed to decide on a location for the rally.  A discussion of different locations was had among the board members.  An exact date for the rally also needs to be determined.

O. Historian Report.  Donnie Brown talked about how that history was important and read part of an article from the BBN October 2011 issue by Charlie Toth where he stressed that we need to be visible in the communities of which we are a part.  Donnie talked about things that the Union Parish Chapter are doing to be visible.

P. Mid-South Mile Report.  Donnie Brown talked about the meeting coming up soon in Hot Springs, AR on October 27-29 at the Clarion on Lake Hamilton.  The basket theme this year is “Man Cave Theme”.  He reported that some donations for the basket have already been given.

Q. Meeting of the Minds Report.  Donnie Brown and Cecil Crawford will be attending the meeting next weekend.  Each state will get one vote on next year’s legislative agenda for the MRF.  It is time to start talking to our own Representatives concerning our next year’s legislative agenda.


Break for 20 minutes.


R. Chapter Reports. (Number of members and checking account balance to date)

1. Bastrop Area:  41 and $375

2. Bossier Parish:  120 and $400

3. GNO:  106 and $400

4. Lake Bistineau:  52 and $374.09

5. Morehouse Parish:  57 and $400

6. Natchitoches Parish:  25 and $400

7. North Central:  Absent

8. Northeast:  149 and $400

9. Northwest:  62 and $400

10. Rapides Parish:  213 and $400

11. St. Landry Parish:  Absent

12. St. Mary Parish:  Absent

13. St. Tammany Parish:  99 and $400.15

14. Tangipahoa Parish:  25 and $400

15. Teche Area:  38 and $388.64

16. Union Parish:  52 and $400

17. Washington Parish:  21 and $400

18. Webster Parish: Absent


III. Announcements

A. Dennis Melancon introduced Claire Wilson to the membership. Claire lost her leg in a motorcycle collision and is now helping with the Share the Road program as a training guide and because of her persona story has a great impact.

B. COC Meeting will be September 24, 2017 at the Family of Grace Church, 4200 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria.  Presidents meet at 12 p.m. and regular meeting at 1 p.m.


IV. Old Business

A. Sign distribution.  The new signs are here.  We now have 1000 yard signs and 50 large signs.  There are some here available today for distribution to the Chapters.

B. E-mail list.  The emails for the new web site are complete and were distributed to the chapter Presidents for all chapter officers.  The new emails will be live on October 1, 2017.  Passwords can only be changed by our web master.

C. New tri-folds are here.  Twenty-five new tri-folds were passed out to each chapter.  If a chapter requires more tri-folds, they should order them through the State Store.

D. State Legislative Day participant awards were given out to each chapter.


V. New Business

A. The Policies and Procedures Committee reported that there are many policies and procedures and because of the lengthy list they will be emailed to each chapter after October 1 when the new emails are activated.  They will be discussed at the November State Board meeting.

B. Officer training is needed for all elected officers and trustees.  Rick Lindsey suggested that we have a seminar form training session before the January meeting but this may require an amendment to the by-laws.

C. New proposed post cards to be given out to people who have accidents letting them know that A.B.A.T.E. cares about their situation was discussed.  It was decided to leave this up to each chapter to purchase.


VI. Other Business

A.  Bossier Parish Chapter will be having a rally to help St. Judes and request that the State Board wave the 10 percent of proceeds that is normally required to go to A.B.A.T.E. of LA., Inc. so that 100 percent of the proceeds can go to St. Judes.  Motion made by Clint Furgason to wave the 10 percent of proceeds to be given to A.B.A.T.E. of LA., Inc. for this event.  Motion was seconded and carried.


VII. Open Floor Discussion

A. The membership coordinator needs to have Microsoft Office placed on the three computers purchased for herself and two helpers.  Marc Jolly made a motion that we purchase Microsoft Office for up to three computers.  Clint Furgason seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

B. There were members from the Arkansas A.B.A.T.E present at the meeting and they were recognized at this time.

C. The AmVets Auxiliary will be holding an Auction September 23 at 11 a.m. and invite everyone to attend.

D. The LA Thunder Rally is upcoming at Arcadia, LA.  Everyone is invited to attend.

E. Steve Howardell told members to be aware that there are SPAM emails being sent to our old email accounts.

F. Union Parish Chapter presented a check to the State Board in the amount of $500 from their Freedom Rally.  The family of Steven Hawthorne donated $100 to the A.B.A.T.E. of LA Share the Road account.


Motion to adjourn was made by Steve Howardell. Motion seconded and carried.

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