Meeting Information

All State Board meetings are held at the AMVets Post 7 in Alexandria

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 3409 England Dr. Alexandria, LA 71303

2017 State Board Meeting Schedule:     September 16th, 2017     November 4th, 2017

Last Meeting Minutes

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.

Minutes of State Board Meeting

May 13, 2017


I. Meeting Called To Order

A. At 11:03 a.m.

B. Prayer led by Clint Furgason

C. Pledge of Allegiance led by Rick Lindsey

D. Recognized Sergeant At Arms – Elias Sapp. Special thanks to Steve Bouton for a great job over the last several years.

E. Chapters and their two voting delegates:

1. Baton Rouge:  absent

2. Bossier Parish:  Greg Solomon

3. GNO:  Dennis Melancon and Glen McGovern

4. Lake Bistineau:  absent

5. Morehouse Parish:  Jennifer Jones and Donald Burkett

6. Natchitoches Parish:  Greg Shone and Gale Sheets

7. North Central:  absent

8. Northeast:  Marc Jolly

9. Northwest:  Clint Furgason and Sid Grice

10. Rapides Parish:  Lori Splawn and Lynn Stoneman

11. Sabine Parish:  absent

12. St. Landry Parish:  Georgia Tauzin and Earline House

13. St. Mary Parish:  Donald Marin and James Landry

14. St. Tammany Parish:  Mel Stoltz and Steve Howardell

15. Tangipahoa Parish:  Johnny Knight and Saber Holland

16. Teche Area:  Ed Oubre and Debra Oubre

17. Union Parish:  Michelle Brown and James White

18. Washington Parish:  Joe McDaniel and David Penton

19. Webster Parish:  absent

F. There were no additions to the agenda.

G. President’s Opening Statement – Rick Lindsey welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the AM Vets for their hospitality.  He then spoke about the vacant State Vice President position.  According to our by-laws, Article VI.C.2; if the State President cannot complete his/her term, the State Vice President will finish the term of office.  The position of the State Vice President will be filled by holding an election at the next meeting of the State Board.  Therefore, Rick then opened nominations for the State Vice President to be voted on during New Business of this meeting.  The Nominees were Bob Walton, Dennis Melancon, and Clint Furgason.  Nominations were then closed.


II. Reports

A. Reading of the Minutes.  The minutes were distributed to the membership. Clint Furgason made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Marc Jolly seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

B. Treasurer Report.  Jacque Lindsey reported a balance of $-----.-- as of April 30, 2017.  Motion made by Mel Stoltz to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Clint Furgason seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Jacque passed out instructions to those who had not yet filled out their new signature cards at Regions Bank. She informed them that they needed to be completed within 30 days.

C. State Store Report.  Stacey Conly reported a checkbook balance of $----.--. Store is currently trying to sell down their inventory so that they can purchase new inventory.

D. Membership Report. Barb Sikes reported a current membership of 1383.

E. Webmaster Report. Rob Breedlove was absent.

F. Legislative Report. Donnie Brown shared a proclamation from the Louisiana Governor proclaiming May 2017 as Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Month.  Donnie reported that HB61 passed the House with a 95 to 1 vote.  The bill will now go before the Senate committee.  Next year we should try to present a “freedom of choice” bill. Donnie made the membership aware of HB553 and HB578 which would impose new fuel taxes.  As a group, we should try and fight all bills the increase fuel taxes.

G. Public Relations Report. Dennis Melancon had nothing to report.

H. Share the Road Report. Dennis Melancon reported a suggestion made to him from a driving school to help the program. They suggested using a computer to track quiz answers so that we know which questions are missed most to improve or put more emphasis on that information in the course.

I. Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Report. Donnie Brown spoke about the national profiling project HR318 on which there will be a Call To Action to encourage congress to support the resolution.  The MRF has a Youth Activist Program and are looking for members.  The Meeting of the Minds will be in September.

J. NCOM Report.  Rick Lindsey spoke about the NCOM meeting which is taking place this weekend, May 11-14 in Nevada.  Randy Postlethwait is there as Region 5 co-director representing A.B.A.T.E. of LA., Inc.

K. COC Report.  Rick Lindsey reported that our annual dues of $100 were paid at the last COC meeting and the next meeting will be at the Family of Grace Church, 4200 MacArthur Drive in Alexandria. The President’s meeting starts at 12 noon and the regular meeting starts at 1 p.m. on May 21.

L. Advocacy Report.  Bruce Roberts has moved out of state so we need a new advocate.  Glen McGovern volunteered to fill this position.

M. Growth Coordinator Report.  All Chapter Presidents are considered growth coordinators and had nothing new to report.

N. State Rally Report.  Discussion was had about a new Rally location.  A committee was formed to consider options to present to the membership.  Committee members are:  Ed Oubre, Earline House, Donald Marin, Marc Jolly, and Donnie Brown.

O. Historian Report. Donnie Brown talked about the founder of A.B.A.T.E. in California, “Deacon”.

P. Mid-South Mile Report.  Donnie Brown reported that they had just had a committee meeting and the next Mile will be held in Hot Springs, AR at the Clarion Suites on Lake Hamilton, October 27-29.  Our $100 dues are due for membership to the Mid-South Mile.  Marc Jolly made a motion to pay $100 for dues for the Mid-South Mile membership.  Lynn Stoneman seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Q. Meeting of the Minds Report.  Donnie Brown talked about the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Minds to be held September 21-25 in Williamsburg, VA. There is a $80 registration for members.

R. A card of thanks was read by Rick Lindsey from Stacey Conley and Ryver Fontenot for support during the loss of Stacey’s Father.


Break of 10 minutes.


S. Chapter Reports (Number of members and checking account balance to date)

1. Baton Rouge:  absent – announced that the chapter had dissolved

2. Bossier Parish:  111 and $400

3. GNO:  105 and $400

4. Lake Bistineau:  absent

5. Morehouse Parish:  101 and $420

6. Natchitoches Parish:  25 and $361.97

7. North Central:  absent

8. Northeast:  182 and $400

9. Northwest:  83 and $400

10. Rapides Parish:  203 and $400

11. Sabine Parish:  absent

12. St. Landry Parish:  21 and $420

13. St. Mary Parish:  68 and $400

14. St. Tammany Parish:  89 and $399.90

15. Tangipahoa Parish:  31 and $480

16. Teche Area:  35 and $388.64

17. Union Parish:  52 and $550.20

18. Washington Parish:  22 and $400

19. Webster Parish:  absent


III. Announcements

A. As previously mentioned Stacey lost her Father recently and we would like to continue to offer her support.

B. Bossier Parish Chapter lost a lifetime member, Kyle Brantley and we would like to remember his family during this time.


IV. Old Business

A. Freedom fighter patches for 2016/2017 were passed out

B. Legislative Agenda for 2017.  Senate Resolution 154 promoting awareness of motorcycle profilin and encouraging collaboration and communication with motorcycle community and law enforcement officials to prevent instances of profiling.  We should watch this closely and may can use it next year for our State anti-profiling legislation.  HB30 provides for a Patriot Guard Riders license plate. This bill is awaiting the Governor’s approval. One thousand plates must be purchased before they will start production of the plates.

C. Sign Distribution was discussed and Stacey Conley will check to see if Clark McClendon of the State Store can make these signs and what the prices would be.

D. A.B.A.T.E. Memberships from Motorcycle Dealers was discussed.  Renegade Harley in Alexandria and Bossier City Harley are on board with providing the memberships.  Hammond dealership may also be considering.

E. Raynes Media was recommended as new webmaster and questions were asked of the committee to have answers at this meeting.  The committee answered the question about using the current emails for the new website.  1)The current emails will continue to work on the new website.  2) Memberships will be able to be purchased online.  Clint Furgason made a motion to go forward with giving Raynes Media control of the organizations website paying $----.  Marc Jolly seconded the motion. Motion carried.


V. New Business

A. A recommendation to pay for the Mid-South Mile Committee Members hotel costs was made.  Discussion on whether it should be paid.  Ed Oubre made a motion to pay up to $1600 a year for Mid-South Mile Committee members hotel expenses with receipts required for reimbursement.  Greg Shone seconded the motion. Motion carried.

B. Elias “Sarge” Sapp presented A.B.A.T.E. of LA., Inc. with an American flag and plaque which read: “In honor of A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, this flag was proudly flown on a 96th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron B-52H Stratofortress Aircraft, Tail #61-020, from 11 September 2016 to 4 March 2017, accumulating 962 flying hours on 76 combat sorties, and expending 604 munitions in direct support of Operation Inherent Resolve”. The plaque was signed by Elias M. Sapp, SSgt, USAF 96th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit Dedicated Crew Chief and Cory S. Sanden, SSgt, USAF 96th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit Dedicated Crew Chief. Lynn Stoneman made a motion to present the flag to the AMVets at our next State Board meeting to be displayed at their location.  Lori Splawn seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


VI. Other Business

A. A recommendation to pay for hotel expenses for the State Store representative at the Mid-South Mile.  Discussion of the recommendation followed.  Motion made by Steve Howardell to pay the hotel expenses of the State Store Representative to attend the Mid-South Mile meeting. Marc Jolly seconded the motion. Motion carried.


VII. Other Business

A. Time was given for each nominee for State Board Vice President to address the membership. Bob Walton had written a letter to the membership which was read since he was unable to attend the meeting.  Votes were then taken by secret ballot and counted by the State Secretary and Sergeant At Arms.  Bob Walton was named as the new State Board Vice President.

B. Donnie Brown invited everyone to attend the Union Parish Freedom Rally July 14-16 at Darbonne Lake Park.


VIII. Motion to Adjourn was made by Steve Howardell. Motion was seconded and carried.

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