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Meeting Information

All State Board meetings are held at the AMVets Post 7 in Alexandria

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 3409 England Dr. Alexandria, LA 71303

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc. Meeting Minutes

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.

Minutes of State Board Meeting

November 10, 2018


I. Meeting Called to Order

    A. At 11:08 a.m.

    B. Brick requested we silence our phones & we’ll take a moment for our fallen brothers and sisters

    C. Prayer led by George Guild

    D. Pledge of Allegiance led by Steve Bouton

    E. Recognized Sergeant At Arms – Steve Bouton

    F. Chapters and their two voting delegates:

        1. Bastrop Area:  Don Shivers and Ray Tyson

        2. Bossier Parish:  Harry Watson and Harry Cobb

        3. GNO:  Dennis Melancon and Glenn McGovern

        4. Lake Bistineau:  Absent

        5. Morehouse Parish:  Absent

        6. Natchitoches Parish:  Mike Menou and Casey Jones

        7. North Central:  Penny Farrar and James Houston

        8. Northeast:  JJ Gregory

        9. Northwest:  Don Hiers and Sid Grice

        10. Rapides Parish:  Lori Splawn and Kurt Garber

        11. St. Landry Parish:  Georgia Tauzin and Jerome Tauzin

        12. St. Mary Parish:  Absent

        13. St. Tammany Parish:  Sue Stoltz and Mike Jambois

        14. Tangipahoa Parish:  Carl Hursky and Mel Stoltz

        15. Teche Area:  Absent

        16. Union Parish:  Absent

        17. Washington Parish:  Joe McDaniel and Steve LaCour

        18. Webster Parish:  Nick Dyson and Catrina Dyson

    G. Additions to Agenda:

           a. Opening nominations for 2019 State Vice President and State Treasurer. Discuss voting at the end of this meeting

           i. Sue Stoltz nominated Bob Walton for State Vice President

          ii. James Houston nominated Barbara Sikes for State Treasurer

         iii. Sue Stoltz nominated Jacque Lindsey for State Treasurer


    H. President’s Opening Statement – Rick Lindsey “Welcome everyone, thanks for coming. Remember our Veterans; this weekend
         is Veterans Day”

II. Vice Presidents Opening Statement – Bob Walton: Glad to be here today. Thanks for showing up.”

III. Reports

    A. Reading of the minutes.  Since some members didn’t get the September meeting minutes at the last scheduled state meeting, it
        was requested that these meeting minutes be sent out to chapters for approval.

    B. Treasurer’s Report.  Report was presented by Jacque Lindsey. Sue Stoltz makes a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and
        state store report. 2nd by Jerome Tauzin. Motion carries

    C. State Store Report.  Stacey Conly is taking a break from attending events with the State Store products.

    D. Membership Report.  Barbara Sikes reported that

        a.  for the months of September and October: New members 12, Renew 24, Lifers 8 for a total of 1148 members.

        b. For the months July and August: New members 23, Renew 23, Lifers 3 for a total of 1121

    E. Webmaster Report.  Brick reported that the web site and email servers went down in October. The 5 year contract with Network
        Solutions expires on December 15, 2018 and has been renewed. Email and website are back up and running.

    F. Legislative Report:

        a. Brick stated that in his opinion, all areas of the state need to be covered by co-directors or assistants, people who will work
        together as a committee with Glenn McGovern leading them as our Legislative Director. We need to make sure we are on the
        same page across the state. Harry Watson for southern region and Rusty Wirth for northern region have volunteered.

        b. Glenn McGovern gave a video presentation to discuss

            1. Being better organized

            2. Need to concentrate on our core mission: Legislation & Education

            3. If we don’t do it, it won’t get done

            4. Propose we have no more than 3 bills a year

            5. Proposes we have a Legislative director and Regional Directors. Asks for people to step up as Regional Directors

            6. Working on a Legislative manual to give out

            7. As members here, we need you to participate in contacting legislators, especially on Call-to-Actions

            8. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics”. Proposes a bundle of small checks for lobbying

            9. We’re going to have a record number of motorcycle fatalities this year. Working on public awareness for this.

        c. Glenn proposed 3 bills for the coming year:

                i. No Helmet Bill (Right to Choose) –

                    1. over 21,

                    2.  medical insurance policy,

                    3. anyone under 21 must take rider’s course

               ii. All Road Users Act

                    1. Remove bicycles from our original proposal

              iii. Profiling Bill

              iv.  J.J. Gregory made a motion to accept the 3 proposed bills to work on for 2019. 2nd by Nike Dyson. Motion carried.

        d. We need your help. Step up!

    G. Public Relations Report.  Dennis Melancon mentioned a website that’s a motorcycle “catch-all” and newsletter.The newsletter would have and A.B.A.T.E. column; more info in January

    H. Share the Road Program Report. Harry Delaune mentioned that Share the Road has $9224 in the bank. Lost an instructor due
         to illness. Harry Watson has been working on S.T.R.in North Louisiana.

        a. Harry Watson discussed large motorcycle awareness signs that Bossier Parish Chapter have developed and used that
            incorporate sponsor shingles on the side, that sponsors pay for yearly, to raise revenue for the Share the Road Program. 12
            dedicated locations for these signs on main thoroughfares.

    I. Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Report. Brick reported that Megan Ekstrom resigned the MRF. No announcement for
        replacement. MRF rates are going up next year.

    J. NCOM Report.  Brick reported that the Region 5 Seminar that was scheduled for November 10, 2018 was cancelled. Swamp
        was supposed to be officially appointed as co-director for Region 5 at this meeting. More to come on the reschedule date.

    K. COC Report. Brick reports the 1st annual COC Rally was held September 28, 2018 at Taboo Harley Davidson. Bossier Chapter
        represented ABATE at the rally and signed up 5 members. Next COC meeting is November 18, 2018. President’s meeting at 1
        p.m. General meeting at 2 p.m.

    L. Advocacy Report. Glen McGovern reported N.O. Police Officer who was killed on a motorcycle, person responsible was given
        failure to yield and no seatbelt citations; St. Tammany Chapter launched a campaign, contacting the D.A. asking to pull the
        misdemeanor citations and investigate, and that is now being done.

    M. Growth Coordinator Report.  Everyone knows that’s on the Chapter Presidents

    N. State Rally Report.  Nothing to report. We will look at it again after the first of the year.

    O. Historian Report: Brick mentioned that we need to contact the former historian to get the History book to Melinda Million.
        Melinda asks that if anyone who has ABATE related stories, inform her so she can record it. She also stated that she’s working
        on a proposal to move the history to a searchable database that would be accessible to everyone.

    P. Mid-South Mile Report.  Jacque Lindsey read the MSM mission statement. MSM was October 19-21, 2018 in Midwest City,
        OK. We have 2 new members of the committee: Dennis Melancon and Rhea from GNO. Basket took highest bid of the event :
        $1750. We spent $832 on the basket. Next MSM will be hosted by ABATE of LA in Shreveport on October 24-27, 2019.
        Theme will be MSM Louisiana style

    Q. Meeting of the Minds Report. Meeting of the Minds was September 10, 2018 in Denver, CO. Cecil Crawford rode out there
        and brought back a report and a Certificate from MRF recognizing LA for the Mask Law.

Break for 20 minutes

    R. Chapter Reports. (Number of members and checking account balance to date)

        1. Bastrop Area:  54 and $400.20

        2. Bossier Parish:  135 and $400

        3. GNO:  107 and $400

        4. Lake Bistineau:  absent

        5. Morehouse Parish:  absent

        6. Natchitoches Parish:  30 and $400

        7. North Central:  40 and $146.19

        8. Northeast:  86 and $310

        9. Northwest:  72 and $400

        10. Rapides Parish:  169 and $506.02 (overage for baskets)

        11. St. Landry Parish:  12 and $400

        12. St. Mary Parish:  absent

        13. St. Tammany Parish:  98 and $400 (raised, and gave $881.28 for legislation)

        14. Tangipahoa Parish:  35 and $400

        15. Teche Area:  absent

        16. Union Parish:  absent

        17. Washington Parish:  19 and $400

        18. Webster Parish: 47 and $400

IV. Announcements

     A. COC Meeting will be November 18, 2018 at the Family of Grace Church, 4200 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria.  Presidents
            meet at 12 p.m. and regular meeting at 1 p.m.

V. Old Business

     a. Policies and Procedures Committee Report: Noting to report


VI. New Business

      a. Brick asked if there are any other nominations for Vice President. Unopposed, Bob Walton is Vice President.

      b. After discussion, Sue Stoltz makes a motion to have election for State Treasurer today. 2nd by Catrina Dyson. Motion carries.
          Ballots are passed out. Due to Barbara being one of the nominations, Chaplain George Guild and Sgt-At-Arms Steve Bouton
          witness the counting

      c. Set State Board meeting schedule for 2019. Swamp had asked us to consider setting the dates to coincide with the weekend of
         COC meetings. The May COC meeting would be Memorial Day Weekend, so a majority vote was had to schedule the May
         meeting for May 11. Proposed meeting dates are January 26, March 30, May 11, July 27, September 28, November 16. Sue
         Stoltz made a motion to accept the proposed meeting dates. 2nd by James Houston. Motion carries.

      d. George Guild announced the ballots have been counted and handed the sealed envelope to the State Secretary. Jacque Lindsey
         was elected State Treasurer.

VII. Other Business

     A.  Brick proposes using money in the Share the Road program to purchase new yard signs. Harry Watson proposes that Share the Road program buy the large signs and ABATE purchase the small yard signs, since Share the Road only uses the large signs. Brick suggests we think about this to discuss at the next meeting.


VIII. Open Floor Discussion

     A. Trifolds are running low. Joe McDaniel makes a motion to spend $750 to purchase trifolds. 2nd by Carl Hursky motion carries

     B. Steve Bouton pointed out the ceiling tiles in the AMVETS, suggested we get one for ABATE.  Mel Stoltz made a motion to
          spend $65 to get a ceiling tile to put up in the AMVETS 2nd by Penny Farrar. Motion carries

     C. Harry Watson challenges each chapter to donate an item for auctions for when we host the Midsouth Mile


         Next Meeting: January 26, 2019 at AMVETS post 7, 3409 England Dr, Alexandria, LA Officer training at 10 a.m. General
         meeting at 11 a.m.

         Motion to adjourn was made by Sue Stoltz. Motion seconded by Catrina Dyson and carried.

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