2017 St. Landry Parish Chapter Officers

2017 St. Landry Parish Chapter Information

Welcome to the St. Landry Parish Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.


Our chapter Meetings are held on the _nd ___day of every month at _:_0 p.m.


St. Landry Parish Chapter Meetings are held ​at _____ located at: _______, LA (ZipCode?)



You can find us

on Facebook here:


    Jacque Lindsey  
Membership Coordinator

Tommy Breedlove 

Brick Lindsey

Courtney Boynton Secretary

Greg Solomon Treasurer/Delegate

Carl "Dopey" Vedis Sergeant At Arms

Officers' Names and Titles (from Left to Right in Group Photo) will go here

2017 St. Landry Parish Chapter Officers

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