A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.

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Meeting Information

All State Board meetings are held at the AMVets Post 7 in Alexandria

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 3409 England Dr. Alexandria, LA 71303

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc. Meeting Minutes

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc.

Minutes of State Board Meeting

January 26, 2019


I. Meeting Called to Order

     A. At 11:12 a.m.

     B. Prayer led by George Guild

     C. Pledge of Allegiance led by Steve Bouton

     D. Recognized Sergeant At Arms – Steve Bouton

     E. Chapters and their two voting delegates:

          1. Bastrop Area:  Harvey Thornhill and Diane Vernon

          2. Bossier Parish:  Harry Watson and Harry Cobb

          3. GNO:  Dennis Melancon and Glenn McGovern

          4. Lake Bistineau:  Absent

          5. Morehouse Parish:  Absent

          6. Natchitoches Parish:  Absent

          7. North Central:  Penny Farrar

          8. Northeast:  JJ Gregory and BeBe Martin

          9. Northwest:  Don Hiers and Susy Hiers

          10. Rapides Parish:  Lori “ Trouble” Splawn and Lynn Stoneman

          11. St. Landry Parish:  Jerome Tauzin and Georgia Tauzin

          12. St. Mary Parish:  Donald Marin and Nancy Alleman

          13. St. Tammany Parish:  Sue Stoltz and Mike Jambois

          14. Tangipahoa Parish:  Malcom Berbirot and Mel Stoltz

          15. Teche Area:  Ed Oubre and Debbie Oubre

          16. Washington Parish:  Jeremy Jenkins and Carol Jenkins

          17. Webster Parish:  Nick Dyson and Ethan Jeffers

          18. Lake D’arbonne: Elizabeth Almond and Nike Barber


     F. Additions to Agenda:

         i. Suspend Agenda:

               1. Lake D’arbonne has submitted a charter petition

                    a. Sue Stoltz made a motion to accept the Lake D’arbonne petition for charter 2nd by Nancy Alleman. Motion carried.

               2. “Trouble” stated that the Rapides Chapter voted to close. Brick stated that there wasn’t a quorum vote, but there were
                   members who wanted to keep it open. “Trouble” and Lynn Stoneman stepped down as officers. Greg Shone has
                   agreed to step up as interim chapter president. Barbara Sikes will send out letters to all chapter members for members to
                    decide what they want to do with the chapter. Discussion tabled until next state meeting.


     G. President’s Opening Statement – Rick Lindsey “Welcome everyone, thanks for coming. And thanks to the AMVETS”

Vice Presidents Opening Statement – Bob Walton: Nothing to report

III. Reports

     A. Reading of the minutes.  Every chapter was given copies of the minutes with time to read them. Dennis Melancon made a
     motion to accept the minutes. 2nd Mel Stoltz. Motion carried

     B. Treasurer’s Report.  Report was presented by Jacque Lindsey. Sue Stoltz makes a motion to accept the treasurer’s report 2nd by
        Jerome Tauzin. Motion carries

     C. State Store Report.  Stacey Conly stated that as of December the state store had $737.29. She also reported that they will not
          be ordering any more products and everything in the state store is on sale.

     D. Membership Report.  Barbara Sikes reported that

          a.  for the months of November and December: New members 10, Renew 17, Lifers 3 for a total of 1,088 members.

          b. Barbara stated that the membership renewal computers are starting to run slow. Diane Vernon made a motion to purchase a
              real laptop for membership renewal coordinator, not over $1000.00. 2nd Penny Farrar. Motion carried

     E. Webmaster Report.  Brick stated that we have not paid the webmaster since her contract expired in May. Domain was renewed
          in November 2018.Webmaster has continued to do work on the website without being paid. Harry Watson makes a motion to    
          pay the webmaster back pay of $500 for work done on the website. 2nd Mike Jambois. Motion carries. Brick will get a
          proposal from current webmaster for state board to vote on renewing contract.

     F. Legislative Report:

           a. Brick stated that in his opinion, all areas of the state need to be covered by co-directors or assistants, people who will work
               together as a committee with Glenn McGovern leading them as our Legislative Director. We need to make sure we are on
               the same page across the state. Harry Watson for southern region and Rusty Wirth for northern region have volunteered.

          b. Glenn McGovern

               i. reports on the status of the 3 bills we approved in November:

                    1. All Road Users Act got a Representative to pick it up, and a Senator to support it.

                    2. No Legislators have picked up the Helmet Law or the Profiling Bill

               ii. Glenn showed the signs that will be put up at motorcycle fatality sites.

               iii. We need to be better organized to get things done. Return the Advocate Questionnaire to Glynn so he can set up a

     G. Public Relations Report.  Dennis Melancon a member is working on a newsletter to get word out about A.B.A.T.E.

     H. Share the Road Program Report. Harry Watson reported that new S.T.R. brochures have been printed. He also reported that he
          was contacted by a teacher to sit in N.W. Louisiana Safety Coalition Committee. He will be presenting S.T.R. program to
          drivers ed teachers. New A.B.A.T.E. trifolds have been ordered under budget.

     I. Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Report.

          a. It’s time for our annual Sustaining Membership payment and Freedom Fighter Donation. Dennis Melancon a motion to
               approve our annual Sustaining Membership paying of $100 and a Freedom Fighter donation of $.50 per member, around
               $600. 2nd Penny Farrar

          b. The MRF announced that the Motorcycle Profiling Resolution (S.Res.154) passed the U.S. Senate with unanimous consent
               on December 11, 2018. This act by the Senate is very important, as it recognizes that profiling of motorcyclists because of
               our mode of transportation or choice of attire is unacceptable. Each state will need to submit their own proposal to make it
               effective in their state.

     J. NCOM Report.  Brick reported that the Region 5 meeting haws not been rescheduled at this time.  NCOM Convention is
          scheduled for May 10-12, 2019 in Orlando, FL

     K. COC Report. Next C.O.C.  meeting is January 27, 2019. President’s meeting is 1:00 p.m.

     L. Advocacy Report. Glen McGovern showed a video presentation of body cam footage of an officer discussing issued ticket with
          offender where a motorist killed a motorcyclist. St. Tammany and N.O. Chapters wrote lots of letters, trying to get tougher
          penalty than misdemeanor charges.


Break for incoming poker run


     M. Growth Coordinator Report.  Everyone knows that’s on the Chapter Presidents

     N. State Rally Report.  Brick proposed a family gathering, invite clubs: just a get-together after May State meeting. Think about
          this to discuss at next meeting. Send Brick ideas.

     O. Historian Report: Melinda couldn’t make it. She has information and is putting a book together. Send her any info you have.

     P. Mid-South Mile Report.  Brick reported the next MSM will be hosted by ABATE of LA and will be held in Shreveport
          October 25-27, 2019. Have secured Wyndham Garden Hotel. As the hosting state, we are responsible for the cost of lunch for
          the entire attendees on Saturday October 26, 2019 and both nights of the Hospitality Room. An event has been created by
          MSM committee on April 27, 2019, which will be a crawfish boil at Bayou Thunder in Shreveport, to help offset the cost.
          Member of MSM Committee from all 6 member states will be present. Harry Watson asks each chapter to donate silent auction
          items, preferably Louisiana style stuff. Harry is also working to get sponsors to help cover costs.

     Q. Meeting of the Minds Report. Meeting of the Minds is in Bloomington, Minnesota September 19-22, 2019. Bikers in the
          Beltway is in Arlington, Virginia May 21, 2019. We need to attend both.We will discuss this later.

     R. Chapter Reports. (Number of members and checking account balance to date)

          1. Bastrop Area:  54 and $400

          2. Bossier Parish:  135 and $400

          3. GNO:  107 and $400

          4. Lake Bistineau:  absent

          5. Morehouse Parish:  absent

          6. Natchitoches Parish:  absent

          7. North Central:  39 and $146.19

          8. Northeast:  81 and $400

          9. Northwest:  70 and $400

          10. Rapides Parish:  166 and $400

          11. St. Landry Parish:  10 and $400

          12. St. Mary Parish:  24 and $400

          13. St. Tammany Parish:  95 and $400

          14. Tangipahoa Parish:  31 and $400

          15. Teche Area:  21 and $400

          16. Washington Parish:  16 and $400

          17. Webster Parish: 46 and $400

          18. Lake D’arbonne 14 and $0


IV. Announcements

         A. COC Meeting will be January 27, 2019 at the Family of Grace Church, 4200 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria. 1 p.m.


V. Old Business

     a. In November, it was approved to spend $750 for new trifolds. Were able to get 4,000 trifolds for $700

     b. We discussed in November to look at ordering additional yard signs and large signs from Share the Road account. JJ Greggory    
          made a motion to spend $1700 for 500 yard signs. 2nd Harry Watson. Motion carried. JJ Greggory makes a motion to spend
          $559.43 from the share the road account for 36 large signs. 2nd Diane Vernon. Motion carries

     c. Lynn Stoneman proposes that for 2 months, with a possible extension for 3 months for a restructuring period for Rapides
          Chapter and that a quorum could be met with 10 people so elections can be held. Sue Stoltz makes a motion to allow Rapides
          Chapter 2 months to restructure the chapter, with a minimum of 10 members present to make quorum. 2nd JJ Gregory. Motion    


VI. New Business

     a. We need a new MRF Rep. Dennis Melancon has volunteered to be the MRF Representative.


VII. Other Business

    A.  --


VIII. Open Floor Discussion

    A. “Dopey” reminds members that they should wait to be recognized before speaking during the meetings.

    B. Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall being placed in Alexandria: taking donations

    C. AMVETS put making lunches on hold because they were losing money. Took a show of hands to see how many people will eat
        at next meeting.

    D. Harry Watson stated that March 23, 2019 there will be a benefit for St. Jude at Bayou Daiquiri in Shreveport.


Next Meeting: March 30, 2019 at AMVETS post 7, 3409 England Dr, Alexandria, LA. at 11 a.m.

Motion to adjourn was made by Sue Stoltz. Motion seconded by Nancy Alleman and carried.

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PO Box 541 St. Amant, Louisiana 70774