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A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc. Meeting Information

All State Board meetings are held at the AMVets Post 7 in Alexandria

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 3409 England Dr. Alexandria, LA 71303

A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana, Inc. Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Executive Board Meeting
September 14, 2019


I. Meeting Called to Order

 A. Time – 11:05

 B. Prayer – Chaplin George Guild

 C. Pledge of Allegiance

 D.  Recognize Sergeant at Arms – Randy Porter

 E. Chapters and their delegates for this meeting:


CHAPTER               PRESIDENT               DELEGATE

1. Bastrop Area          Tyler Walsh                Randy Porter

2. Bossier Parish     Melinda Million              Harry Cobb

3. CENLA (Central)   Greg Shone                George Guild

4. GNO                 Dennis Melancon           Glenn McGovern

5. Lake D ‘Arbonne         Liz Almond                  Nike Barber

6. North Central          Absent --

7. Northeast               Marc Jolly                   Bebe Martin

8. Northwest                     --                        Jerry Kennedy

9. St. Landry Parish     Jerome Tauzin             Georgia Tauzin

10. St. Mary Parish    Nancy Alleman               Ray Alleman

11. St Tammany Parish Steve Howardell              Al Heine

12. Tangipahoa Parish   Excused                              --

13. Teche Area               Absent                                --

14. Washington Parish    Joe McDaniel                         --

15. Webster Parish       Nick Dison                  Harold Hano



 G. PRESIDENT’S OPENING STATEMENT:  Welcome everyone and thanks to AmVets for hosting our meeting; Steve Bouton will be our Sergeant at Arms

 H. VICE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: The Mid-South Mile is coming up soon; we would like to see everyone there.

II. Reports

 A. READING OF THE MINUTES – Dennis Melancon moved to accept the minutes; Liz Almond seconded the motion; motion was passed.


  1. Report passed out to members.  We need to consider a fundraiser.

  2. Jerry Kennedy move to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Nancy Alleman seconded; motion passed.

 C.  STATE STORE REPORT – State Store has $1,600 in the bank, and has Shirts selling very well; more shirts, coozies, black ABATE caps, registration wallets other merchandise ordered to sell

 D.  MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Barb Sykes:  As of August 31, we have 34 new members, 18 renewals, and 2 new lifers for a total of 1,067 members.  Rick explained the benefits of having membership a coordinator in each chapter

 E. WEBMASTER – Rick “Brick” Lindsey:

  A secure URL (HTTPS) has been purchased and is giving issues with the upgrade.  The Webmaster will notify us when completed. It will cost another $59 to keep the new secure URL.

 F.  LEGISLATIVE REPORT – Glenn McGovern: We need to discuss our agenda for 2020.

  1. US House Resolution, HR-255, Federal Profiling Bill:  We now have 5 out of 6 legislators want to be sponsors this bill. If you live in District 1 of New Orleans area, have you contacted Scalise? He is the only one who hasn’t signed on; email to claire.trokey@mail.house.gov

  2. Glen McGovern:  All Road Users Act passed through the LA Law Institute. Pick your candidates and offer to help and support them with volunteering or cash, even if it’s just a little bit. The LA Law Inst. Is at LSU Law School; come to observe.

  3. Hands-Free Cell Phone Use/Distracted Drivers: Glenn, do we want to find a rep to submit a bill or support one?  We won’t worry about this one until after elections are over.

  4. Helmet Law should not be addressed until Gov. Edwards is out of office.  Decision on this will be made at the November meeting.

  5. Do we support a Dead Red law? Rick explained the Dead Red law and the problem it would resolve.

  6. Other Suggestions:   Steve Howardell reported St Tammany Parish officials are concerned about liability issues vis-à-vis grass clipping on the roads but suggest working with the city involved. Steve also suggested we vote early, check constitutional amendments, consider the Insurance Commissioner.

 G. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Nothing to Report.


  1. Rick and Harry Watson revised the STR course, and the version being used.  However, it contained implanted video clips which were not compatible with our laptop down south, so we had to purchase a new laptop to resolve the problem.  Laptop was purchased out of the STR account.

  2. Harry Delaune will show our STR presentation at a Mid-South Mile workshop, explaining the objectives of the program and who are the targeted drivers.

  3. The Indian Motorcycle dealer in Shreveport will set aside a portion of its day on October 6 to have Rick and Harry Watson in to hold a STR presentation.

 J.   MOTORCYCLE RIDERS FOUNDATION (MRF) –   Rick surveyed the group to see how many

   of us are members of MRF.  He reminded us of the accidental life and dismemberment insurance

   at no cost offered by the MRF.  He further added that MRF lobbyists have made 170 visits to

   legislators to further our cause.

K.  NCOM REPORT – Nothing to Report


  1. Guest speaker talked about the situation in Europe, and the things we might expect to happen here, especially adding more ethanol to gasoline (E15).

  2. COC has eliminated the Presidents’ Meeting, holding only the general membership meeting to make things more transparent.

  3. Cecil talked about Mid-South Mile

  4. Next COC meeting will convene on September 17, 1 pm at the Family of Grace Church.

  5. Ft Polk commander bans riding with colors.  He also sent letters to local businesses discouraging them from hiring motorcycle club members. AIM law Richard Lester will be looking into the situation.

 M.  ADVOCACY – Glen brought copies of his book advocating motorcyclists rights for everyone emphasizing Chapter 3, which tells what we can do to keep our rights. He also explained the need for uninsured/underinsured coverage and the need for anti-discrimination legislation.

 N.  GROWTH COORDINATOR – Brick: All chapter presidents must appoint a Growth Coordinator.

 O. STATE RALLY – To be discussed in the November meeting. We are considering moving the rally April.

 P.  HISTORIAN – Melinda Million: Former historian is holding historical material and ignores all requests to pass it to us. We need material from the past, copies of any documents.

 Q. MID-SOUTH MILE – Jacque Lindsey, MSM Representative: Glen purchased one table, and we sold 16 others.  This will help to pay for the banquet so A.B.A.T.E won’t have to pay. There will be a security staff to make sure there are no problems.  There will be a legislator in attendance and several motorcycle club presidents.  The hotel will also have 2 security personnel there.

  The banquet will cost $35 and a hotel room, $85.

R.  MEETING OF THE MINDS Brick received an invitation to attend the September MOTM to receive a Legislative Award on behalf of A.B.A.T.E. American Motorcycling Journal contains articles written by our members and photos. A motion was made to present the MRF award to Glenn in recognition for his hard work on behalf of A.B.A.T.E. so he can display it in his office. The motion was passed. At our next meeting, Melinda will circulate information on how to fight discrimination and how to contact legislators.

 S. CHAPTER REPORTS (Chapter, number of members, amount in the bank)


1. Bastrop Area                            38                           400+

2. Bossier Parish                         149                           400

3. CENLA (Central)                     26                           400

4. GNO                                      108                           400

5. Lake D ’Arbonne                     46                           400

6. North Central                    absent                       396.19

7. Northeast                                 83                           400

8. Northwest                                72                           400

9. St. Landry Parish                    10                           400

10. St. Mary Parish                     23                           400

11. St. Tammany Parish              94                           400

12. Tangipahoa Parish            excused

13. Teche Area                       absent                          400

14. Washington Parish                 16                          400

15. Webster Parish                       35                          400

III. Announcements – Nothing to Report


IV. Old Business – Bylaws Committee, George Guild:

Changes:  Remove “State” from State Executive Board, remove “at large” from Chapter Delegate at Large. Also requested was a change showing that Roberts Rules of Order apply for any business not covered by the bylaws. In accordance with the bylaws, this can be done with a simple vote. George moved to vote on each change individually; motion was seconded and passed. The votes:

 1. Remove “State” from State Executive Board:  passed

 2. Remove “at large” from Chapter Delegate at Large: passed

 3. Roberts Rules of Order apply for any business not covered by the bylaws: Discussion; motion passed


V.  New Business –

 A. New State positions up for election: State President and State Secretary

 B.  Nominations for State President: Rick Lindsey

 C. Nominations for State Secretary: Melinda Million

 D. George Guild moved to close the nominations; Steve Howardell seconded; motion passed


VI.  Other Business

 A. Rick’s job will take him out of state for one year, but he will be available by phone.

 B. State President needs a new laptop computer to carry out his duties. A motion was made to purchase a new laptop not to exceed $1000. The motion was seconded and passed.


VII.  Open Floor Discussion – Nothing to report


VIII.  Adjournment

 A. Next meeting will be on November 9, 2019, 11 am at AMVETS Post 7, 3409 England Dr., Alexandria.

 B. Nancy Alleman moved to adjourn; Steve Howardell seconded. Motion passed, meeting adjourned 1:25 pm.



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